This pattern is part of my three-color wonder series, which means you only need to pick a light fabric, a dark fabric and a contrasting fabric to make a stunning quilt. But that’s not all! This pattern is also super versatile and customizable, so you can create different looks with the same block. Let me show you how.

The main block of Fly Home is a mash up of the classic log cabin and flying geese blocks. The flying geese units add some movement and interest to the block, and they also create secondary patterns when you join the blocks together. This means that with Fly Home you can lay out the blocks in different ways to create different designs. For example, you can arrange the blocks to look like pinwheels or you can also rotate the blocks to create diagonal stripes or zigzags. The possibilities are endless!

Another way to spice up your Fly Home quilt is to use scraps or fat quarters for the contrasting fabric instead of just one fabric. This way, you can have more than three colors in your quilt and use up some of your stash. You can also play with the value and saturation of your fabrics to create contrast and depth.

As you can see, Fly Home is a pattern that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It’s like getting several patterns for the price of one! You can make it in any color scheme and any layout you want. It’s a fun and easy pattern that will keep you entertained and challenged. I hope you’ll give it a try and share your creations with me. Happy quilting!

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